More trouble for Facebook Video

  • Now Playing: Facebook cracks down on anti-vaccination hoaxes

  • Now Playing: Apple’s stock takes a hit

  • Now Playing: YouTube no longer allows comments on most videos involving children

  • Now Playing: More trouble for Facebook

  • Now Playing: Facebook faces federal probe over data sharing

  • Now Playing: Apple announces event

  • Now Playing: 2 crashes of brand-new versions of a 737 have some passengers worried

  • Now Playing: Samsung unveils Galaxy S10

  • Now Playing: SpaceX makes history with splashdown

  • Now Playing: SpaceX ‘Dragon’ capsule headed back to Earth

  • Now Playing: Facebook announces new focus on privacy

  • Now Playing: Samsung expected to release 2 more foldable smartphones by 2020

  • Now Playing: Cellphone car keys could stymie thieves

  • Now Playing: Tesla ready to roll out new SUV

  • Now Playing: SpaceX capsule becomes 1st commercial spacecraft to dock with space station

  • Now Playing: SpaceX successfully launches rocket en route for the International Space Station

  • Now Playing: NASA releases footage of SpaceX preps for unmanned test flight to space station

  • Now Playing: SpaceX launches new technology

  • Now Playing: Engineer makes squishy robots

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