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We move on to the black male allegations from Amazon founder Jeff bezos targeting “The national enquirer.” Investigators have zeroed in on the leaker. “The national enquirer” denies engages in extortion. Reporter: Good morning, George. Bezos fighting back. After “The enquirer” published his private text message. Saying they threatened to release embarrassing photos, as well. The big question? Where did those come from? The hunt is on for the person responsible for leaking text messages to “The national enquirer” between the world’s richest man, Jeff bezos, the founder of Amazon and then married father of four, an hi reported girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez. The story was given ts D yt the national enquirer” by a reliable source. It was a source that was well known to both Mr. Bezos and miss sa Sanchez. Reporter: One possible source of the leaked text, Sanchez’s brother, Michael. A vocal supporter of president trump. Was it Michael hez? Didn’t discuss who the source was. Reporter: Bezos claims “The national enquirer” and its parent company threatened to release texts and photos between bezos and Sanchez. They released a statement public — and releasing a statement that it was not politally motivated. Jeff bezos says extortion, blackmail. It absolutely is not extortion and blackmail. Reporter: Hours after the post, journalist Ronan farrow tweeted while he was looking into “The national enquirer’s” relationship with president trump, Ami urged them to stop digging you, or we’ll ruin you. Which he says he did not. Actor Terry crews says after opening up on “Gma” after being allegedly sexually assaulted by a high-level agent. Let me tell you. I have never felt more E mask lated. Reporter: Another Ami publication threatened to run a false prostitutes. That story never ran. This seems like a pattern of practice according to those journalists. I have never heard of those allegations. I am not aware of any attempts by employees of Ami to blackmail or commit any crime at all. Reporter: Along those same lines, Ami has insisted all along they have operated lawfully and in good faith. Clearly, this investigation is far from over. Not even close. We’re here are Larry Hackett. Managing partner of 10/10 media. They all bu but named Michael Sanchez yesterday. He told “The Washington post” that trump was hoping “The enquirer” would do a political takedown. He said yesterday it was a long-time source of “The enquirer.” Someone that bezos and Lauren knew. If Sanchez is the friend of Roger stone and Carter page, I don’t know how you can rule out the political angle. “The enquirer” seems so intent on knocking down the idea that they had political motivation. That is what’s so unusual. Every story. There’s a negotiation with a source. Particularly if it’s a sensitive story they don’t want. Don’t run that picture. What’s unusual here is that they’re the ones that seem to be the aggressor. They went to bezos and said, if you don’t stop talking, your people don’t stop talking, we’re going to come after you. And laid out the photos. And laid out the photos. Usually, they’ll say, we have the photos. And the person says, here’s what I’ll give you. They seem to be desperate to have the political element removed from the story. Why it’s not done yet. Robin? Now to the ABC news

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