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coers. I know re an eye on it all. To that brand-newiealth alert. The surgeoeneral warning about e-cigarettes and their use vaping used e-cigarettes including E inive high school stts. Dr. Jeme Adams saying we mus taction now protect the health of ournationou people. Dr. Jen Ashton is here talking about it. The gal weighing in calling itn epidemic. Why is this sopo nk of when we hea epidemic. Opioid, obesity, this means the sun generalows considering this a masve threat to public health.we sawhoseumberst are concern you’ talkingut mlif ens and unknown risk that uld be significant their health and really it’s a call to ti ecedented R the surgeon generato askot onl health care pss ac parents, all handsneck T stop this use amongstng kids and teens. The suron genaloes on to say the a produced B them is N harmless. This art of the marketing campaign. Most peoe don’t knhat nyain nicotine and N be dguised as pens, USB ashve and theses surging. We have to remember ne I a psycho activeance that affects the brain in a developing tge that can affect I dision making,og fun, that aerosol has carcinogens in it that can affect mouth, the lungs, this is not for not Hass. Absolutely not. Dr. Jen, as Al, thanks a lot. There opments

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