Sanders campaign example of ‘Netflix model of fundraising’: Former Obama adviser Video

  • Now Playing: Bernie Sanders joins the 2020 presidential race

  • Now Playing: Best presidential campaign rollouts for 2020?

  • Now Playing: Sanders campaign example of ‘Netflix model of fundraising’: Former Obama adviser

  • Now Playing: ‘Absolutely’ would make same decision to investigate Trump: Ex-FBI official McCabe

  • Now Playing: If nothing else from Mueller coming, ‘why are they redacting so much?’: Dan Abrams

  • Now Playing: ‘Going to insist … underlying evidence’ in Mueller report made public: Rep. Schiff

  • Now Playing: Cohen to provide new information to investigators about Trump

  • Now Playing: Democrats launch bid to block President Trump from border wall money

  • Now Playing: Dems take action to block Trump from declaring national emergency

  • Now Playing: Inside the Senate offices

  • Now Playing: Trump reacts to human trafficking charges involving close friend Robert Kraft

  • Now Playing: Dan McCready announces run in North Carolina’s 9th district re-election

  • Now Playing: Democrats launch bid to scuttle Trump’s national emergency over border wall funding

  • Now Playing: Federal judge slaps Roger Stone with gag order

  • Now Playing: Judge slaps gag order on Roger Stone after IG post

  • Now Playing: New election ordered in NC after fraud allegations

  • Now Playing: Election fraud scandal brings new election in North Carolina

  • Now Playing: Judge ordered Roger Stone to not discuss criminal case after crosshairs post

  • Now Playing: Republican at center of North Carolina’s voter fraud case calls for new election

  • Now Playing: Mark Harris: ‘New election should be called’

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