How Head and Shoulders spotlighted small businesses during the Super Bowl Video

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Temperatures tomorrow near 60. Now one of the most exciting parts of the super bowl, the commercials. Our son sore head and shoulders is celebrating head-strong business owners in the best way. Their very only super bowl spot that ran in certain parts of the country. One of them is Jennifer morales, owner of smashl therapy. Let’s take a look at her commercial. A place where you smash things? That’s stupid. But Jennifer is a head-strong business owner. Head and shoulders made this super bowl commercial so Jennifer could stay head strong. Jennifer is with me now. That had to be an unbelievable feeling to see your company on the super bowl. I don’t feel like it hit me until right now. You know what you do speaks to mental health. It allows people to really release. Yes, that was the goal. Just, you know, being this kid and people saying you’re not going to make it out alive. You’re not going to make it. To become a boxer and make it to mental health, just supporting people. I’m a director of adolescent unit at a psych hospital. Let me combine my life together and make this place where people can vent and relieve stress. I know that later today, right, you’re going to be breaking stuff. Yes. Hey, ginger. This is exciting. This isexciting. I’m sorry to steal her away. For the rams fans, giant truck and smashing things. By the way, I’m Sara. I may stick around and do that. If you stick around right here

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