7 Brands That Sell Yoga Pants And Workout Clothes And Aren’t Lululemon

Lululemon has basically become synonymous with yoga.

The brand, founded in 1998, has faced its fair share of controversies over the years, but it’s still popular among yogis; the Canadian brand reported an 18 percent increase in revenue from 2017 to 2018.

But Lululemon isn’t the only yoga brand out there. There are plenty of other companies making equally stylish and functional activewear at a similar (or more affordable!) price point.

Below, check out seven other activewear brands you can try for all your workout needs:

Outdoor Voices has gained a cult following (especially among social media influencers) over the past few years and is aiming to become “the No. 1 digital active brand,” founder Tyler Haney once told CNBC. The brand offers technical apparel for men and women for recreation, whether that involves a yoga class or walking the dog. Plus, the clothes come in a variety of fun color options, and you can save money by purchasing a full kit.

Girlfriend Collective is a fairly young brand in the activewear space with a strong focus on transparency. The brand is refreshingly open about its fabrics (which are recycled) and manufacturing process, which is perfect for anyone trying to be a more conscious consumer. What we especially love about Girlfriend Collective is its inclusivity; models on its website and social media accounts come in all shapes, sizes and colors. In terms of pricing, leggings come in under $70 and bras are about $40.

Vyayama is one of the more luxe labels on this list, with most of its leggings ringing in at over $115. The company focuses on ethical manufacturing and uses sustainably-sourced fabrics that have been certified safe for the skin. (That means none of the potential toxins involved in the production process can be absorbed by the skin.)

Titika is a Canadian activewear brand that’s really leaned into the athleisure trend. All the pieces are meant to transition seamlessly between the gym or yoga studio and the rest of your daily activities. The pricing is pretty similar, if not a little cheaper than Lululemon, and the company focuses on ethical manufacturing practices, which is always a plus.

Teeki is taking an eco-friendly, sustainable approach to activewear. All of its clothing is made in the U.S. from recycled plastic. If you’re a fan of fun, interesting prints and colors, you’ll probably like what Teeki has to offer. In terms of pricing, you’re looking at $70 to $80 for leggings and $30 to $40 for tops.

Yoga Democracy, founded in 2015, is committed to using recycled fibers for its clothing. Ninety-five percent of what the brand produces is made from recycled fibers, according to its website, and the company uses a waterless transfer process for dyeing. Compared to other brands on this list, Yoga Democracy has tons of variety when it comes to patterns, prints and colors. As far as pricing goes, you’re looking at about $70 for a pair of leggings.

Danskin has been around for ages, specializing mainly in dancewear for women, but offers a variety of activewear for different workout needs. Plus, everything is super affordable ― most leggings are under $50 and sports bras are around the $30 and $40 mark.

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