Italian Ikea Store Opens Doors To Stray Dogs And The Internet Is Lapping It Up

Animal lovers are giving an Ikea store in Catania, Italy, a big group hug after photos appeared on social media that apparently show stray dogs sleeping among the furniture displays.

Martine Taccia was shopping at the Ikea when she saw the dogs relaxing near a living room display, The Dodo reported.

“My reaction was pure amazement. It’s not a common thing,” Taccia told the animal news site.

Taccia said she had found out that the store opens its doors to strays in cold weather and even provides food and water.

She posted a video on Facebook (above) and plenty of others have shared photos on social media.

According to the comments on the photos, dog lovers are giving this one store’s policy a big thumbs up.

“Thank God there are still good people in the world who help poor animals,” one commenter wrote on Instagram.

Another wrote on many of the posts, “THANK YOU IKEA.” 

HuffPost has reached out to Ikea for comment.

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