Ellen DeGeneres Marks Election Day With 8-Year-Old Presidential Whiz

Macey Hensley is living proof you’re never too young to speak your mind. 

The pint-sized presidency whiz celebrated Election Day by dropping by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and expressing her enthusiasm for the 2018 midterms ― even though, at 8 years old, she’s still a decade from being able to vote herself. 

“A lot of kids can’t wait to drive,” Macey said. “But I’m really excited and can’t wait till I can vote.”  

Additional footage showed the Kansas native going door to door to encourage voters to head to the polls Tuesday. 

“I don’t really care if people vote for Democrats or Republicans,” Macey said. “I just want people to get out there and vote.” 

Macey rocketed to fame in 2015 when, at age 5, she showed off her near-encyclopedic knowledge of U.S. presidential history in her first “Ellen DeGeneres Show” appearance. Since then, she’s visited the White House, played historical trivia with “Hamilton” composer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, and met with former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. She’s also been featured in a Kansas tourism campaign, and is the host of the Ellentube series, “Go RVing with Macey.”  

Though Macey may be wise beyond her years, she hasn’t lost sight of her playful side, telling DeGeneres how much she loves playing with Legos. At the conclusion of the interview, the host presented her with tickets to visit Legoland as well as a Lego set that, when constructed, will be a miniature version of the White House.

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