Country Music Will Talk About the Hurt, but Not the Politics

Some precisely wrought sentiments also have started trickling into the music.

The musician Kane Brown is releasing an album called “Experiment” on Friday that includes the song “American Bad Dream.” Mr. Brown was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas last year and performed the night of the shooting.

The song begins by reminiscing about how ninth grade used to be about “getting laid” and skipping class. It continues: “Now you gotta take a test in a bulletproof vest/Scared to death that you might get shot.”

But in an interview with Rolling Stone, Mr. Brown also took pains to distance himself from politics.

“Before, you never saw on the news there was a shooting today,” he said. “Then, the next day, there’s another shooting, and then the next, repeating. I’m basically just saying, stop being on the left side or the right side, just wake up and realize that we’re in a screwed-up world and we need to try and fix it.”

Carrie Underwood’s most recent album, “Cry Pretty,” includes a song called “The Bullet,” which decries the human suffering wrought by shootings while staying far away from the politics of why they happen in the first place. Mr. Albert, the Nashville songwriter, said he wrote that piece about two years ago with two other musicians, Marc Beeson and Allen Shamblin, after five police officers were shot to death in Dallas.

“You can blame it on hate or blame it on guns,” the song swells. “But mamas ain’t supposed to bury their sons.”

Ms. Underwood and Mr. Paisley, the perennial co-hosts of the C.M.A. Awards, addressed the Las Vegas shooting during last year’s show, which included the faces of the victims in the “in memoriam” segment.

Referring to the massacre, along with other calamities of the previous year including hurricanes and the Charlottesville white-supremacist rally, Ms. Underwood said: “This has been a year marked by tragedy impacting countless lives including so many in our country music family. So we’re going to do what families do: Come together, pray together, cry together and sing together, too.”

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