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We have a consumer alert now about having your personal information compromised. You may not even know about it. It can happen with accounts you created and forgot about it. Becky Worley is here. Tell us about the zombie accounts. Zombie accounts. Sounds like some creepy — Especially the way you it. Right? Sounds like some creepy horror show, but there is a real danger here. So the issue is no matter how hard companies try to protect your user data, they are big targets for hackers. Hackers want your user name and your password so they can try to log onto other accounts hoping that you have used the same password. Maybe they go to your bank and try to get money out of those. What we’re looking at is this is a numbers game. Basically the fewer accounts you have out there, the less exposure. There is even a website. What is that like? Cousin it? Have I been pwned, and it tells you if anywhere you have an account has been hacked and your data has been released. I have nine different accounts that have been hacked and had their data released. How do you find them if you forgot about them? That’s the issue. How do you know what zombie accounts you have out there? Start on your phone. Go through and find old apps you don’t use. Let me give you some examples. Let’s see. Dating apps. It’s been awhile. Thank god. That’s actually the real fear would be having to date again. Let’s get rid of those. Then gaming accounts. I wish I had time for “Candy crush” or “Farmville.” Those are gone, and then think about retail apps that you don’t shop at anymore as much as I love Abercrombie, I’m not always going to be forever 21. I don’t live forever. I tried to delete some of these accounts before. It’s not easy. Oh, man, is it hard. You’re right. Just by deleting the app on your phone, it doesn’t delete your account. You have to actually go into the profile page and try and find a delete button. A lot of times you have to e-mail. You have to use that chat and this is terrifying. You might have to make a phone call. Yes. It’s true. But it’s worth it? It is worth it. You really want to protect yourself going forward. And so what are other things people can do to protect ourselves? We have an audience member here to help us with that. Sir, your idea is — cool. Try a password manager. What our undead friend knows is that you want to have unique pass words for every every single sensitive account. It will generate a password for you in various lengths. It’s almost unhackable, and nobody is going to remember this. Just for every unique account. So you have to have a secure password account that holds them all for you, and then you just remember one password. That is great advice. Becky Worley, thanks very much.

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