‘The racists believe he’s a racist’: Florida governor’s debate gets heated Video

  • Now Playing: Trump criticizes the media after pipe-bomb mailings

  • Now Playing: ‘The racists believe he’s a racist’: Florida governor’s debate gets heated

  • Now Playing: This former news anchor and Cuban-American believes she can keep Miami red

  • Now Playing: POTUS speaks out on bomb scares

  • Now Playing: Introducing FiveThirtyEight’s governor forecast

  • Now Playing: Trump says administration is ‘extremely angry’ about string of suspicious packages

  • Now Playing: SPECIAL REPORT: Trump addresses suspicious packages sent around the country

  • Now Playing: Suspicious packages sent to Democrats have ‘no place in American society’: Pence

  • Now Playing: Clinton thanks Secret Service for intercepting package

  • Now Playing: Meet the former CIA spy turned congressional candidate trying to flip her district

  • Now Playing: Early voting sees record-high turnout across Georgia

  • Now Playing: Ted Cruz’s dad on Trump stumping for his son

  • Now Playing: Trump has at least 10 campaign rallies from now till Election Day

  • Now Playing: US penalizes 21 Saudis

  • Now Playing: Midterm stakes high for undocumented workers

  • Now Playing: Meet the youngest congressional candidate running for office

  • Now Playing: Crossing the U.S.-Mexico border with border patrol agents

  • Now Playing: DACA recipient explains why these midterm elections matter

  • Now Playing: The Big Vote: Immigration, hotly contested Senate race and early voting

  • Now Playing: Visa shortage leaves Maryland crab industry in a pinch

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