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Cecilia. Andresident trump’s morning eet storm included angry tweet a another tar of tpecial counsel, his former sign chaian, Paul manafort, who is now on trial. The president a in tweet, who was treated E, mob boss Al caponer Paul manafort? Saying that manafort had little to do with hiscampaign. Team have Eno evidence against manafort, today they migot call manafort’s business partner, Rick Gates. ABC’s kph courthou in Alexandria, Virginia, tonight. Reporter: President trump today, wading into the trial his former can chairman, meeting — who was eated worse,oens Capone, legendary mob bosskiller and pubemy numb one, or Paul fort, pooperative and reagan/dole darlinow serving try confiment, although convicted of this, th distanced himself from manafort for months. Manaft has nothg do with our campaign. Reporter: Fact is,anafort ran the trump campaign during a he’s now accused of lying to irs and hidings ofillions of dollars in offshore ban acco. Money he morking for Ukrainian politicalty with ties to T Kremlin. He has pleaded not guilty. Prosecutorstunning the ngy maynot call T billed as their star tnafort’s form business partner Rick Gates, W cepted a pa bargain special counsel Robert mller. Rt’s attorney es Gates G to say athing to himself.” And today, prosecutors , “He may testify, hy not.” Cheating S. Even cng the manager of a mes store who ified that in just five manaft spent $929,000 suits. It all seemed to annoy judge T.S. Elli who rarked, “The government doesn’t prosecu someone wear nice clothes, do ?” Andyra philli B with us tonight outside the kroum. We sawhe tweet from the prent, Askin who was treated wo Paul manafort or Al pone. Buen T president also made pointfing himself from his formempaign chairman reporter: Tt’s right. You and I have seen a of tweets today,en’t we? And you saw presidents tweet, dad, Thi morning, where he saidafort onl worked for him for a veryrt of but mber, manaf on the trump Campa forix months, and that is T months when he was the top official. Kyra Phillips following the R us Kyra, thank you.

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