What to Pack for a Trip to Seattle

Seattle is a growing, changing city with a lot to offer: the beautiful scenery, global cuisine and independent microbreweries to name a few things. We walk you through it all in our local guide, but before you plan a trip, grab these essentials to make the most of your stay.

After reviewing our local guide to Seattle, we talked to Ria Misra, an editor at Wirecutter, about some of the things you might want specifically for the trip, based on our itinerary. Here are her picks:

Drinking gear for brewery hopping

Seattle is filled with unique breweries whose goods you can enjoy on-site or — by filling up an insulated growler — keep for later. Obviously, if you’re flying into Seattle you’re not going to bring your own, but if you’re traveling by car, why not stash one into the trunk? In Wirecutter taste tests, Miir’s 64-ounce insulated growler kept beer cold and fizzy for a full day. If you’re staying a while, pack a few and stash your hotel or Airbnb fridge with a selection of beers for nights with friends.

If grabbing a cold brew from one of Seattle’s many, many coffee shops is more your speed, Ms. Misra noted that Hydro Flask’s 22-ounce tumbler will keep your drink cool while you wander.

Quality rainwear

Summer in Seattle isn’t quite as likely to give you as many gray, rainy days as other seasons might, but you still should prepare for the region’s trademark wet or windy weather. Arc’teryx’s Squamish Hoody is light enough to fit into its own pocket, but will still offer plenty of protection for a rain shower, breezy weather on the beach, or walking around a cooler night. Slip a small umbrella (Repel’s Easy Touch is compact but solidly built) into your bag too, in case the rain becomes heavier.

Picnic essentials for the park

Gas Works Park is a must-visit, but bring a picnic blanket and a few essentials so you can spread out and relax. Nemo’s Victory Blanket rolls into itself, has a soft and cozy top, and puts just enough padding between you and the ground. If you’re planning to visit in the fall, substitute a puffy blanket. Ms. Misra said that Rumpl’s Down Puffy Throw was comfortable to lie on, but also durable and quick-drying. It’s also great to wrap up in, either in the park or the beach, as the sun goes down and temperatures start to fall.

If you’re packing food or beverages, Ms. Misra suggests the Picnic at Ascot Insulated Basket. It’s big enough to hold food and drinks for several people, and it collapsible and easy to carry when it’s empty. For more, check out all of Wirecutter’s best picnic gear.

A sturdy beach bag

When you visit the shore — which you should absolutely do — bring your things in a mesh beach bag, like the Whale Bag from Saltwater Canvas. A mesh bag means that you can shake the sand out without having to overturn the whole thing. Don’t forget add a towel (the Packtowl Luxe is plusher than most for sitting on the sand, but still packs down small) and a pair of flip-flops (Ms. Misra likes the Havaianas Top) to your bag before you go.

Wireless earbuds for all the independent, local radio

Seattle is home to some fantastic radio stations, playing both names you’ll recognize and local, indie bands you’ll fall in love with. After your visit to the live performance spaces at KEXP, which we suggest in our guide to Seattle, keep the music going by tuning to local programming.

A pair of wireless earbuds like the Jabra’s Elite 65t rest comfortably in your ears while you buzz around town, or while you’re relaxing in the park. Plus, they’re the only pair of truly wireless headphones whose fit and sound quality Wirecutter’s audio experts wholeheartedly recommend.

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