What to Pack for a Trip to Greenport, N.Y.

Eat local oysters, drink regional wine and take in the beautiful beaches and scenery in Greenport, N.Y. Before you plan your trip, grab these essentials to make the most of your visit.

Kontokosta Winery, overlooking Long Island Sound, is among the many wineries and tasting rooms on the North Fork. CreditTara Striano for The New York Times

Greenport, N.Y., is a haven for people eager to explore some of Long Island’s beaches and beautiful scenery, enjoy the local seafood and visit the dozens of wineries in the area. It’s a quiet but increasingly popular getaway. Before you go, there are some essentials you can grab to make the most of the trip.

We walk you through what to do if you visit Greenport in our local guide, but we also talked to Ria Misra, an editor at Wirecutter, about some of the things you might want specifically for the trip, based on our itinerary. Here are her suggestions:

A bird-watching kit

Greenport’s shoreline has great bird-watching, including great blue herons, egrets and osprey, which you can find along the tip of the North Fork at Orient Beach State Park. Whether you’re a bird nerd or not, bring along a pair of good binoculars.

Ms. Misra explained that the ornithologist who tested binoculars for Wirecutter found that the Athlon Optics Midas EDs were sharp and clear, and offered comparable viewing to pairs that cost 10 times as much.

Not sure you can tell a sparrow from a starling yet? Pack an easy-to-use field guide. Ms. Misra likes National Geographic’s “Field Guide to the Birds of North America.” Not only does this book detail more than a thousand species, it has a visual index in the front and back that makes it easy for a novice to figure out fast just what kind of bird flew by.

A few extras for kayaking or paddle boarding

You can rent a paddle board or kayak to explore the waters around Greenport, but bring a few extras to float in comfort. First, Ms. Misra recommends a rash guard over your swimsuit to protect your skin from the sun (although you’ll still want to apply a water-resistant sunscreen.) O’Neill’s Basic Skins are made of sun protective fabric and stay comfortable even when wet.

To make sure you get that rental back in time (and don’t drown your phone or watch in the process), bring a cheap, waterproof (truly waterproof, not water-resistant) watch, like the Casio W-800H. Don’t forget your Packtowl Personal for when it’s time to dry off. It collapses down into its own little pouch and is made of a fast-drying microfiber.

The perfect daypack for all your gear

Whether you need something to tote your beach read, or you want something to carry a bottle or two of wine from one of the many local wineries you should visit, you’ll need a place to stash your purchases. Thule’s Paramount 24-Liter daypack offers plenty of pockets for organizing your things, and it has a roll-down top to keep its contents dry in case you get wet.

Jan Benzel, who wrote our local guide to Greenport, especially suggested stopping by Burton’s Bookstore, and picking up a few coloring books featuring plants and animals native to the Greenport area. So slip a good pack of colored pencils, like the Prismacolor’s vibrantly pigmented Premier 24-pack into your bag.

A compact, outdoor-friendly camera

You’re probably planning to pack a camera. However, if you’re looking for one that’s compact, rugged enough to take a couple of drops, and also takes high-quality photos of the wildlife and scenery you’re visiting Greenpoint to enjoy, consider the Panasonic’s LX 10. Ms. Misra notes it’s Wirecutter’s favorite point-and-shoot under $1,000. It focuses quickly so you can snap a photo of that heron before it flies away, and can even shoot 4K video. Plus its wrist strap may come in handy when you’re shooting near the water.

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