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success, he’s facinggh questions ab he knew it ABC’s whitrresponden taraalmeri is in New Jersey where the president is end at his golf resort. Tara, good morni Repr: Good moin that conveniently timed economic president trump be toutinover the next few months term electi at the same time a of thes domestics seem to blunted tng developments in the Russia probe. We’re on track to hit the rate in over 13 years. Reporter: Overnight the president celebrating a surge in ic growth. In the second qua year, the United States economy grew at the amazing rate 4.1%. Reporter: Up fr.2% last quarter, it’s the best quarter ofwth since 14. Thden one by one, we’re going to go a lot higher than these numbers.sts are less optistic. While E presidenengages in a trade war with China, they say the uptick is LI to farmer rushing export products like soybeansefore thostariffs hit. Buthile touting win many in Washington feel problehe multiple sources telling ABC newslongtime lawyer aer Cohen claims that then candidate trump knew advance of that infamous trump tower meeting with the Russians. Did you ky had didn’t knowthabout the eating. Reporr: Donald Trump Jr. Haste said he Ver told H D during the campaign that he, Jared Kur and form dirt on Hillary Clinton. Iwas such a nothing, E was nothinto tell. Ter: Presint trump stronglywhile slam the man W H represend him for er a decade. Tweeting, I did not know oe meeting with my son don junior.sounds to LE is trying to make up stories in order to H of an unrelad jam. Eller announced O caring 35 witnesses to testify the tri ainst Paul manafort including his former business partner Rick Gates. Take a lo at this. At T S, here he is boarding a flight just feet away from Donald Trump Jr key figure in that same Russia probe. Only in D.C., Dan. Eah, I can imaginehey Ed a bag of peanut together. I D’to. Ll right. We really appreciate Tara, thank U very muc

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