‘Michael Cohen is on his own here,’ but ‘potentially has information’: Dan Abrams Video

  • Now Playing: Secret recording of Trump and Cohen released

  • Now Playing: Trump-Cohen secret audio tape just made public

  • Now Playing: Michael Cohen says Trump knew about meeting with Russians

  • Now Playing: Rick Klein: ‘The battle for the House is taking place in the suburbs and the exurbs’

  • Now Playing: ‘Michael Cohen is on his own here,’ but ‘potentially has information’: Dan Abrams

  • Now Playing: 100 days ahead of midterms, GOP and Democratic campaign chairs talk who will win

  • Now Playing: Russia’s ‘key goal’ is ‘sowing chaos’ in US democracy: GOP senator

  • Now Playing: Trump and Michael Cohen in a ‘war of words’

  • Now Playing: Trump’s legal team firing warning shot to his former lawyer

  • Now Playing: Trump celebrates surge in economic growth

  • Now Playing: Trump: U.S. economy grew at ‘amazing’ rate of 4.1 percent in 2nd quarter

  • Now Playing: Trump denies Cohen claim he knew about son’s Russia meeting

  • Now Playing: Gen. John Kelly approaches 1 year as White House chief of staff

  • Now Playing: The Briefing Room: Trump touts economic growth amid Cohen allegations

  • Now Playing: Trump vs. Cohen: Who’s telling the truth?

  • Now Playing: Trump denies knowing about Trump Tower meeting

  • Now Playing: Trump thanks Kim Jong Un for returning remains of fallen Korean War soldiers

  • Now Playing: US economy grew 4.1 percent in 2nd quarter, marking largest spike in years

  • Now Playing: Michael Cohen makes bombshell claim about Trump

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