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the special counsel, Robert Eller charging 12 members O Russ’s top intelligence service, andight WHA they were accused of doing F eight nths leading up to the moment amerans voted. Deputy attorney general rob Rosenstein allegin the suspects targeted M than 300 people withs to th democratic party and Hillary Clinton and her campaign, out to damage her this W the very moment president trump was in England meetinqueen. Tonight, calls in this count W to cancel the summit wit Vladimir Putin. ABC’s justice correspondent, pierromas, leadus off. Reporter: On the eve of the esident’s meeting with vladimirputin, special counts Robert muellut with his most sweeping indictment yet. Accusing current members O pus own govement of disrupting the 2016 election. The indictment charges 12 Russian military officer B name for conspireing to interfere the 2016 presidential election. eporter:he new indictment charges Russian intelligence officers with engaging in widespread hacking, targeting Clinton campaign and the democratic national committee. Ey allegedly started it as ea 2016, eight months beforehe tion, targeting at least 300people. Putin had disdain for Hillary ton after she STO to him aboute elections. There was unit that engage Aber operatioy stealing information and a different as response F disseminatthe stolen rmation. Reporter: The Russ accused of posing as a hacker known as gucr 2.0 to pass that stolen information wileaks. Prosecutors allege wikileaks sent guccifer 2.0 a private message saying, send any new material here for us to review D I wilve Auch higher ct than what you are doing. Muelsoguccifer 2 reached out to someone close to the P believed T be his lonstrategist Roger stone, writin do you find anything interesting in theoc I posted? And en, please tell me if I can help you anyhow. Mueller described Russians as nimble, noting they went after cln’s campaign on the same day this appeared from pren trump. Ussia, if you are listening, I hope you’re able to find T 30,000 e-mails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightilyy ourpress. Let’s see that happens. Rter: Apparently that very day accor to the indictment, the conspirators attempted after hours topear fist for the first time e-mai accounts used by clins onal office. Theyted 7mail adses and the domain for the Clinton campaign. Authoritie also claim the Russians tried to infiltrated a er of statelection offices. Russian gru officers hacked about 500,000 voters. Repr:ounsel Mueller’s list growing. 32 people charged so far W more tn 100 criminal counts. When W confront foreign interferce in American elections, it’smportant for us to avoid thinking politly as Republicans or Democrats, but to thriotically as Americans. Repter: The deputy attorney general says he briefed present trump th indictments earlier this week. But this morning, the ident secoerned with the damage the investigation was doing thant Putin hadone. I think that we’re being hurt very badly by the I would it the witunt. I would call it the rigged witch hunt. I think that really hurts our coy and it rally hurts lationship with Russia. I think that we would have a veryoo to ha ahance to have a good relationship and a very good chance — a verod relation with president Putin. I would hope so. Reporter: But T president says he will pressin alleons of Russian meddling. I know you’ll ask about will you be tng meddling and I will bring that up. I don’t think you’ll have any gee I did it, I did it you got me. Th Let get to Pierre Thomas and he joins us from theti departme, and someemocrats are calling on the president to cancel the St with Putin. Now a Republican is adding au voice? Reporter: Mark Warner sd therehould be no meeting and he said he is afraid of president trump being aloneith Putin. And this blistering statement from John mn. Presi trump is not prepared to hold Putin accountable, the summit in lsinki should not move forward, Davi Pierre leading us off a

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